The End of the First Phase

A few weeks ago, after four months of studying, I started searching for a job. I sent a couple of applications and… I’ll welcome 2023 as a Junior QA Specialist. The recruitment procedure was quite absorbing, albeit really fascinating. It comprised of theoretical questions at the very beginning, a real-life testing task based on the app I’ll be testing in the job, and two interviews. The first one, with a HR specialist, was focused on general information about the company and about me. In my second interview, I met two IT specialists, talked about my skills and did some tasks on the run. The interviews were conducted in a really friendly atmosphere, which helped me a lot. And the result was more than I could dream of – I was given a chance to work for one of the companies I was really interested in.

Thus, I finish the (R)evolution phase and announce the new era of my career – the Juniorship. Of course, there are a lot of open tasks to complete and a lot of (R)evolution texts to write, but in general my study objectives have changed and now will be more focused on the business I am just diving into.

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