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To gain some experience and familiarize with testing tools and techniques, I attended a training project led by Anna Czyrko from The project was centred around testing Trello web application using different techniques, including exploratory testing and DevTools.

My main achievements during this two-month project:

  • I went through Trello, created workspaces, tables and lists, read the documentation, performed exploratory testing of different aspects of the app, used automation solutions available in the system, etc.
  • I attended three webinars for project members, including Q&A session on DevTools.
  • I created model test case checked by Anna and assessed as very good.
  • I spotted several bugs in Trello, by means of both manual testing and DevTools, and wrote bug reports (also checked by the project leader).
  • I practised Scrum methodology (the project was divided into 4 Sprints with Daily and Retrospective events).

Through this inspiring experience, I discovered a new way of learning and interacting with other people. I really appreciate the effort put into the project by Anna. Her initiatives are definitely worth recommending.

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