Testing the Banking App

A few days ago I got an invitation from my bank to test their new pilot mobile application. Of course, I accepted the invitation as I don’t want to miss a single chance to practise my skills. So I’ve just started testing Santander OneApp Polska in its beta version. Although there is no access to Jira or other bug tracking system, I can report bugs simply entering them into a survey form available in the app. The first spotted bugs were some simple typos and interesting grammar errors on the activation pages.

The grammar errors I found concerned words with numbers and are typical to software localized from non-inflected languages into Polish. Let’s assume we have to localize a form containing the number of hours. In English the algorithm is quite simple:

In Polish we have a more complex situation:


  • 1 hour – 1 godzina
  • 4 hours – 4 godziny
  • 5 hours – 5 godzin
  • 101 hours – 101 godzin
  • 102 hours – 102 godziny
  • 112 hours – 112 godzin
  • 122 hours – 122 godziny

Looks quite complicated, but the algorithm must be localized to avoid a bad perception of the UI.

(As usual, I prepared the algorithms in Miro).

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