The Day 5 — the End of the First Week

I decided to work and learn for 5 working days a week only. I need some rest and reset after the arduous week. Additionally, this may be a good reward for myself, if the week was really fruitful.

Of course, I plan to omit the rule in case of potential weekend meetings or trainings. And I plan to do English conversations with my wife.

Today, apart from my daily schedule, I started preparations to run this blog. One thing to consider is the blog name. Yesterday together with my wife (it is good to discuss such topics with somebody wise) I chose the name 2nd half in IT which, I hope, will reflect the change I plan to implement – to spend the second part of my professional life in the IT world.

The second topic is the domain name. I regard it as a really important issue, as I plan to build my personal brand through all these words. Typically, I would consider making a domain from the name, but my surname is too long and too hard to spell for foreign visitors. Therefore I chose two first letters from my double surname. It will be concise, quite easy to memorize, and very flexible.

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