Monday – the auspicious start of the week

After the rewarding weekend (I love mountains), I made a powerful start into the second week of my (r)evolution. I find it really important – to constantly keep the proper mindset and motivation to keep working.

The Tester School is still all about theoretical basics of testing. I have to admit I’m getting impatient learning the theory and no practice at all. I try to convince myself that the theory, proper terminology etc. are important, too. And I hope that the next part (Terminology) will be the final theoretical part and that the practical content will begin.

Apart from mastering theoretical basics of testing, I systematically learn SQL. I can recommend W3Schools website with great tutorials. And I find their SQL Tutorial ( really useful. I’m still a beginner and, in fact, I have to remember the basics that I used while building websites in PHP and MySQL for one of my social projects a dozen years ago.

Now let me tell you a bit about planning. I had the idea that I would use my surname initials as a domain name. I checked the domain availability rather cursorily and everything started to fit together. But when I wanted to register the domain it turned out to be taken. To keep the name short and stick to my initial idea, I decided to extend the domain to So here you are – on my fresh domain. Please make yourself comfortable.

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