Do you know that according to WHO statistics1, more than billion people are affected by some form of disability? It is about 15% of the Earth population. At least part of this group needs specially designed websites to be able to fully use the internet content. This is why the accessibility of websites (but also of hardware, software and mobile applications) is so important.

The issues of accessibility (shortened sometimes to A11y, where “A” is the first letter, 11 denotes successive 11 letters, and “y” ends the word) were clearly summarized by Małgorzata Czuluk in her webinar “About Accessibility” provided as part of Adam Gola’s cycle MeetQA. The webinar covered the benefits of creating accessible websites, the history of standards related to A11y, main WCAG guidelines, optimum accessibility process and the role of QA in ensuring accessibility. The author also presented a few interesting tools and plugins useful in evaluation of the tested sites accessibility.

I’m really inspired by Małgorzata and I would like to dig deeper into the A11y rules.


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