Git for Testers

During my journey with Python, I’m at the point where I would like to show my growing skills to the public. This is why I decided to join GitHub community and start using a remote repository. To become familiar with the new tool, I went through a short training programme for testers on Git. The training (in Polish) is provided by Przemek Barański from team.

The training focused on installing PyCharm and Git as a local repository, and starting using GitLab as a remote one. I decided to use GitHub instead, but all the rules and terms are the same on both platforms, so it was quite easy to switch to another one. The training was a really precious experience in relation both to Git itself and to Python programming, as I have used IDLE console to date and PyCharm appeared to be a much more convenient way to develop a code.

So, now I have my public profile and my first code – the Tic Tac Toe game I mentioned in one of the previous posts. I modified the code in PyCharm and pushed it to my remote repository. Now, I’m implementing the winning algorithm as currently the computer plays by random moves, so it is really easy to win.

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