Test:Fest Meetup

This was my first offline IT event ever. After a few months of attending online meetups and training sessions, I had the opportunity to meet IT specialists live. The meetup consisted of two parts.

The first one included an interesting presentation by Sławomir Radzymiński from Ocado Technology (the host of the event) on testing microservices with special attention to contract tests. The topic was quite advanced for me, but after listening to some podcasts focused on microservices and its testing, I felt quite prepared to pick the knowledge useful for me from the presentation.

After that Marta Firlej from test:fest introduced the second part concerning the future of testing. The introduction was an interesting review of current trends in testing technologies. Then all attendees voted for most important testing directions of the future. Four topics selected by the largest number of participants were covered by discussions in groups. I selected group connected with Big Data and, although the group was the smallest one, I learnt a lot from other members, also contributing a little bit to the final conclusions.

To sum up, I’m really grateful for test:fest organizers for the great event that gave me valuable insight into new areas to explore, and the opportunity to meet and learn from fantastic people.

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