My TODO list is growing bigger and bigger

I’m a loyal user of Todoist, the service that helps me organize my all duties and tasks. I make a note of every idea, document and event I intend to fulfill, read or attend, as well as every other task, either personal or professional. From the beginning of this Big Move into IT World, I’m constantly adding new things to be done, and even though every day I complete a lot of them, the list is growing… New technologies to learn, interesting courses, books to read, meetups and webinars – there are so many opportunities and potential development paths.

Fortunately, Todoist gives a whole arsenal of organizing weapons and my tasks are well-structured into projects and sections. Otherwise it would resemble a heap of brushwood.

I’m nearing the end of the Tester School. I think I’ll finish it in two or three days. Unfortunately, the training is mainly theoretical. Of course, there is a good point of such approach – I’m now familiar with all the definitions, rules, approaches etc. However, the only opportunity to practise is to report defects (found in the Tester School) in Mantis Bug Tracker. As for today, I’ve reported several issues which I’ve spotted during my lessons. But I think the author should create some tasks (e.g. with answers) focused on creating simple and more complicated test cases, to give only one example.

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