Practical Introduction to IT Security

I’ve always been keen on IT, reading a lot, exploring new areas, keeping abreast of the advancements. Few months before starting my (r)evolution, I attended a webinar on security in IT presented by Michał Sajdak and Grzegorz Tworek, and organized by It was a 5-hour long marathon of knowledge covering common security problems, penetration tests, vulnerabilities, basics of OPSEC and OSINT, a lot of useful tools to check security of the system. I soaked up all the information with my eyes wide open, eager to remember as much as possible and to start implementing good practices in my everyday life.

Now, after deciding to enter the IT world, I find the training even more useful, as the authors introduced a lot of testing tools, too.

The training ended with a short test and certificate that I proudly include below.

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