Theoretical knowledge is really important, but nothing can replace practice. Therefore, I decided to create an account on uTest – one of many crowdtesting platforms. My main goal is to gain experience rather than earn a lot of money, therefore I’m prepared to work hard and gain reputation and ranking points just to be ready for other testing jobs.

To my surprise, after one day I got the first test proposal. Unfortunately, the proposal had specific requirements which I didn’t meet, therefore I dismissed it. Additionally, I didn’t want to start real testing work without proper preparations, i.e. at least without going through the Academy – a learning program focused on most important characteristics of uTest. The Academy courses are really comprehensive and give a lot of useful knowledge, usable not only on uTest platform, but in testing in general, therefore I apply myself to studying it.

I think I’ll start searching for real projects after one or two weeks of further learning and taking exemplary tests.

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