Scrum Update

To become familiar with a tool, one has to use it in practice. As I’m a lone traveller through the IT space, I can’t fully fathom out the Scrum nature. Nevertheless, I use its principles in my daily planning.

My first attempts were quite clumsy. I simply planned the day every morning and pompously called it a “Daily”. After few days I did the first Retrospective. But my methodology clearly lacked the most essential parts of the Scrum. Now I’m in the first fully planned Sprint. Its main goal is to study Google Cloud technologies (I qualified for Google Cloud Skills Boost initiative) for two weeks. On Monday, I meticulously planned the period and wrote everything in the Google Calendar. This was my first Sprint Planning. Each day starts with a Daily including a recap of the previous day and planning the next small steps. After the Sprint, I plan to make a comprehensive Review and Retrospective and enter necessary changes to improve my personal Scrum for the next iteration.

I even have my own name for it – Scrumono, i.e. the Scrum methodology for a one-man band.

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