No-code triptych

Thanks to Just Join IT portal, I had the opportunity to become a little bit familiar with no-code technologies. The portal organized a webinar entitled “Domain No-Coder — is the era of new-generation professionals around the corner?”. During the event, Kamil Tarczyński from and Mariusz Gerałtowski from PSML described a new profession – a Domain No-Coder, i.e. a developer producing no-code software and having strong domain knowledge, who is to a greater extent a domain specialist rather than a programmer.

The profession was depicted as a job of the future in Poland, although there is growing demand for such specialists in different areas in the US. Nevertheless, it can be a good direction of development when you don’t want to leave your business area. But not for me, as I don’t want to stay in my previous specialization area (translation business).

The webinar introduces some no-code basics which were so interesting that I decided to deepen my knowledge. At first I went to another Just Join IT webinar recorded in August and still available on Youtube. In this event entitled “Philosophy of no-code programming vs classic programming”, Kamil Tarczyński (mentioned above) and Radosław Grębski from software house introduced the concept of no-code in comparison to full-code development. They presented pros and cons of each approach and gave some real-life examples. The general conclusion was that no-code solutions aren’t meant to steal the programmers’ jobs, but rather to support more creative and faster work.

To complement the materials, I read an interview with Emil Bednarczyk and Kamil Tarczyński from, published in Polish, again by Just Join IT ( This was my final repetition of the no-code basics extended by some important remarks and general history of company.

In conclusion, I think no-code can be a game-changer in the near future and definitely it is worth learning, although not at this step of my (r)evolution. Now, it is time to broaden my software testing basics, practise it and start searching for a job.

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