Sprint Review & Retrospective: Google Cloud

I’ve just finished prematurely the Sprint after 9 days of struggling with Google Cloud solutions. During this time, I managed to complete one course and earn a badge available for viewing on my public profile. After that I tried several times to complete the challenge in the path “Create and Manage Cloud Resources” but all my attempts failed. Then I decided to stop the Sprint and switch to learning other technologies.

What I learnt:

  • How to create and manage virtual machines in Google Cloud
  • How to use both Cloud Shell and gcloud to perform different operations
  • What is Google Kubernetes Engine and how to create a Kubernetes cluster
  • How to configure network and HTTP load balancers

What are the reasons of my failure:

  • The courses in Google Cloud Skills Boost initiative are based on examples, sometimes without thorough explanation of the commands.
  • The commands (e.g. gcloud) are really comprehensive and thus complicated. It is really hard to troubleshoot encountered problems when you don’t have a strong knowledge of the system.
  • Last time I worked on Linux machines was more than 10 years ago. To be able to successfully configure and use Google Cloud resources, I should have a much better understanding of Linux.

Now I want to focus on SQL and Python, as I think (after my first experiences with cloud technologies) that they will be more adequate to a tester’s job.

What to change for future sprints:

  • Focus more on one technology selected as a Sprint Goal.
  • Select technologies to learn based on current job advertisements and available tester’s checklists.

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