The First Meetup

I am totally grateful to Agile Wrocław group for the online meetup on Scrum. The event provided by Joanna Płaskonka, who is a scrum master and an agile coach, was entitled “What do managers do in the Scrum”. For me, as a total newcomer, it was far too advanced, but it turned out to be very fruitful:

  • I revised all The Scrum Guide in a very friendly way by listening to and talking with Scrum practitioners.
  • I met many people from different industries and of different age, and realised that I’m definitely not too old for the IT world.
  • I discovered a whole new potential area of development, because Scrum and agile management, in general, give a lot of opportunities.
  • And, as it was my first such event, I discovered a completely new way of learning and became aware of new tools, e.g. Mural. I think I’ll use it quite often in the future.

To recap, my first usage of “Opportunity-driven development” approach appeared to be really successful.

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