The blog is launched

For the recent few days I’ve been working on an initial version of the blog. It is still raw and requires a lot of design efforts, but finally I managed to publish my notes from the first five days.

I’m in a constant need of validating my choice of the professional path. Therefore I’m searching for tests to prove my abilities. Today I’ve done a quite short test of predispositions on The test checked logical thinking, general IT knowledge and soft competences such as communication skills. My result is 87%, which I find great, as I failed only in two questions. Another part of the test was a practical task of searching for problems in a web form. Comparing to the model results, I’ve omitted one or two mistakes but I’ve found a few not included in the results, mainly regarding typos and text inconsistencies.

Combining this test with other checks I’ve done, I can now state that:

  • I have a lot of abilities and competences to be a successful software tester
  • I’m inquisitive and patient enough to successfully check the tested object
  • I really like such tasks and it gives me real satisfaction to find a mistake
  • I could work in such a way for hours

So, maybe it is a good choice…

The today’s set of Tester School lessons finally introduced some practical aspects. Testing terminology was elucidated using real examples from Jira and other systems. At the end of the lesson, Norbert Jankowski introduced Mantis bug tracker that I can use to practise my testing skills by looking for for mistakes in the course itself. I’m eager to start it as soon as possible, although tomorrow I’ll have to work more intensely on my current job.

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