Big Data – Big Difficulties

In my quest for opportunities to learn something new, I’ve just attended a webinar entitled “Introduction to Big Data algorithms used in commercial technologies”. The webinar was organized by the Unity Group as part of their Unity Tech Talks initiative and was held by data engineer Stanisław Bzdęga.

The beginning was quite clear and interesting for me – these were the basics of Big Data, what it is for and what technologies are used to analyse data. But the second part of the webinar was far too advanced for me. Of course, I’m impressed by professionalism of Stanisław Bzdęga and the way he led the event – he really arouse my interest in the topic. But without any basic knowledge of algorithms it was too hard to comprehend the true nature of the discussed solutions.

Nevertheless, I’m quite happy that I’ve taken part in the event. I learned a lot about Big Data from a person who is really experienced in this area, and I discovered some new limitations of my knowledge, which is also good.

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