First Retro

Although I haven’t set up any sprint yet, I decided to start my personal Scrum experience with the first retrospective. I know that Scrum is designed for agile groups, but to learn it better I would like to incorporate its concepts into my daily routine.

So this is the first Retrospective. Let’s start with all I managed to do during the last month:

  • I started my blog and published 12 posts.
  • I went through the Tester School and learned basic testing concepts.
  • I attended two online events.
  • I started learning SQL and Python.
  • I reported first bugs into Jira, Bugzilla and Mantis bug trackers.
  • I spent hours watching webinars, listening to podcasts and reading tutorials and advices.
  • I collected dozens of useful links to sources, books and webinars.
  • The vision of my further development is clearly outlined.

Now my failures:

  • I wasn’t able to publish one post a day. In fact, I don’t think it is feasible in my current professional situation.
  • I started to learn SQL with SQL Tutorial, but I failed – after several days of learning SQL in this way I still had problems with SQL exercises, so I decided to change the method to standard training – now I’m testing “Learn SQL” training by
  • I omitted a few days, mainly due to my current translation tasks.

What to change:

  • I should try to publish more posts and use them as my motivation. Additionally, continuous documentation of the achievements would allow me to better plan my next steps. My goal for the next month is to publish at least 18 posts.
  • After learning a lot of theory, I’ll find opportunities to practise in real testing tasks, either for free or in crowdtesting or the like.
  • I’ll develop routines to constantly monitor my goals and achievements. I’ll try to use Scrum ideas to become familiar with the concept.

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