Fourth Day – First Crisis

If you work on your own, sometimes it is hard to learn and do anything else at the same time. The tasks are difficult, the deadlines are tight, the strengths are at a low ebb. Such was the past day for me.

But if you want to change anything, you can’t just succumb to your weaknesses and daily challenges. Of course, one day off changes almost nothing in the big picture, but I think it changes my mindset. Putting the plans off could strengthen the lazy part of me and, as a result, make me more prone to next days’ crises.

Therefore I tried hard to do at least small part of my daily duties. I did next few lessons of Tester School, found a new course which I plan to do after completing the Tester School, checked meetups for the next period (unfortunately, found no meetings suitable for newbies), listened to some news in English to keep my mind immersed in English.

In general, the day’s output wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it was going to be.

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