The Day 3 – First Training

The first thing you have to do when changing your profession is to test if the newly discovered passion is suitable for you. But how to do it without proper basics of the topic? I decided to start with some not-so-extensive training in testing.

My first contacts with this IT area was via podcast Testowanie oprogramowania (software testing; in Polish) which I found on Google Podcasts. The author of the podcast – Norbert Jankowski – is a well-experienced tester who willingly shares his knowledge and thoughts with all newbies. The podcast inspired me to enter the testing path. As I really appreciate the content published by Norbert, I was really glad to find his course on software testing as part of his educational initiative Szkoła Testera (Tester School; also in Polish).

Today was my first day of the course – I went through organizational lessons and some most fundamental basics, therefore didn’t learn a lot of new things, but I’m enthusiastic about the material planned for my tomorrow’s study.

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